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There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that are available for those who are interested. If you’d like to join our efforts, please sign up to get emails for either a local town committee and/or the Sullivan County Democratic Committee. If you have a specific skill or interest area that you’d like to contribute to our organization, please let us know! A list of volunteer activities include running to be an officer in your local or County Committee, all the tasks needed during an election cycle such as making phone calls, canvassing, entering data, putting up candidate signs, campaign office duties, and much more. Other volunteer tasks for any political season include writing Letters to the Editor, organizing and attending rallies and attending various state and local political meetings and conventions. One way to find volunteer opportunities is to check out the New Hampshire Democratic Party events list, which offers virtual opportunities to be involved as well and is linked here.

Thanks for submitting!

Ready to Volunteer? Let us know!

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