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Powering Democracy

Sharing Values

What matters most to you and your family as you look to the future?

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If any of your goals are included above, Sullivan County Democrats welcome you. We are building a better community, county, state, and nation by uniting our voices and actions. Join us today!

Sullivan County Democrats

Update you on what’s happening at the State House and in Sullivan County.  

Introduce you to candidates and elected officials so you know where they stand.

Email you action alerts to help you make your voice heard.

Bring you a network of local committees.

Together, we will make the change you can be proud of by speaking up, reaching out, and electing officials who share our values and get things done.


Get started now!

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Check out the town committee where you live or nearby.  

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Connecting Locally

You and your neighbors know your community, its leaders, and its challenges. 


Sullivan County Democrats are building a network of town committees, bringing democracy close to home. The committees unite local voices and champion rising changemakers.  

Connect with a local committee.

Click on your town on the map.

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