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Virginia 'Biddy' O'Brien Irwin

House of Representatives

District 3

I’m Virginia O’Brien “Biddy” Irwin and I am running for election to represent the towns of Newport, Unity and Charlestown, known as District 3 in Sullivan County. I have had the privilege of serving in the NH House of Representatives for four terms, two of them representing
Newport and Unity, one of them representing Newport and Croydon and one representing what was known as a floterial: Grantham, Cornish, Plainfield, Croydon, Sunapee, Springfield, Newport and Unity. Due to redistricting I want to represent the interest of the residents in District 3. If it’s good for Sullivan County then it will be good for New Hampshire too.

I believe that our personal freedoms are on the ballot, both at the National level and right here in New Hampshire. Reproductive rights are under assault; LGBTQ+ people are marginalized, Free Staters want to dismantle government and limit the role of government at the local and state level, and Public Education is no longer defended by the NH Department’s Commissioner whose job it is to support our public school system.

As a strong supporter of the US Constitution and the NH Constitution, I don’t cherry pick which amendments I champion but I do recognize that most people only talk about the”2ndAmendment”. I respect the right of our citizens to own a gun or guns and would never advocate against gun ownership with one exemption. I cannot find justification for individuals
to own AR15 weapons. I believe we can come to some compromise on sensible gun laws. I believe that the majority of gun owners want to do that as well. I think some level of background checks might prevent those who should not, have a gun and thus avoid such tragedies as Uvalde, Buffalo, Newtown, and all the other locations where senseless slaughter has taken place. And finally, I don’t believe anyone needs an “instant gun” and can wait a few days before taking one home. At the very least, we can come together to address this very divisive issue.

My concerns for NH focus on these three areas: Education, Environment and the Economy. I want to find a way to fund our public schools as required by the NH Constitution and the Claremont lawsuits, without breaking the backs of local taxpayers. I want to find a way to address renewable energy and reduce the cost of electricity for our manufacturing sector as well as for our homes. I want to find a way to strengthen our economy which includes improving the business climate, attracting and retaining our business. That means supporting employers to find employees, providing re-training for those who want to change careers, preparing our students to be career and work ready as well as prepared for post-secondary education. This effort is coupled with addressing our housing stock, supporting the development of workforce and market rate housing, funding the rehabilitation of aging properties and addressing zoning rules which stymie growth.

I am a strong supporter of tourism which is one of the biggest drivers of our economy as well as expanding the arts - in all forms. We need to increase support for our State Park System, our Department of Fish and Game, and protection for our many many lakes and ponds.

These are my priorities; I would welcome knowing yours.

If you send me to Concord, I pledge to work hard for you and your concerns and be accountable to you. 

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