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Sunapee, NH

The Sunapee Democratic Committee educates and engages voters on the policies and legislation affecting our community, state, and country; supports local candidates; and inspires civic involvement to advance our democratic values.

Please email us at for our meeting and program schedule.


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Sue Gottling, chair

Catherine Bushueff, co-chair

Ginny Gwynn, secretary 

Doug Hanson, treasurer 

Linda Schultz, delegate-at-large and visibility captain

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Programs & Events

The Sunapee Democratic Committee hosts and co-sponsors programs to inform and engage voters, and we welcome opportunities to collaborate with other groups and Democratic committees. Co-sponsored programs (December 2021- 2022) included:

  • The Free State Project and the Radical Right in New Hampshire

  • Do You Know How the NH Government Works: Making Your Voice and Vote Count

  • Education Funding and NH Property Taxes

  • Preparing for Climate Change

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Voter Outreach & GOTV (Get Out the Vote!)

Local volunteers and supporters working with the Sunapee Dems turned out the vote for the General Elections in November. Activities included:

  • Visibility before and on Election Day and distributing signs

  • Advertising to support our candidates in the Kearsarge Shopper

  • GOTV letter to Sunapee voter

Sunapee voters helped to elect strong, effective Democratic leaders in 2022: re-elected Linda Tanner and elected Hope Damon to the NH House of Representatives, re-elected Cinde Warmington to NH Executive Council in District 2, and returned our federal delegation to Congress.

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Volunteers are at the core of Sunapee Dems' communication and outreach with a newsletter, on Facebook @SunapeeDemocrats, with postcard campaigns, and by talking with voters. With your interest and skills, the Committee looks to expand its communication about our shared values, Democratic policies and priorities, and the work of our Democratic candidates and elected officials.

Your Government & Elected Officials for Sunapee


Town of Sunapee Homepage


Sullivan County, NH Homepage

Your Sullivan County Elected Officials | County Delegation | County Commissioners

Sunapee is in the Sullivan County Third District and elected two commissioners to two-year terms in 2022.


New Hampshire General Court

House of Representatives

District 5| Linda Tanner (D-Georges Mills)

District 8 | Hope Damon (D-Croydon) | Jonathan F. Stone (R-Claremont)



District 8 | Ruth Ward (R-Stoddard)


NH Executive Council

Executive Councilor (District2)

Cinde Warmington (D-Concord)


Office of the Governor

Christopher Sununu (R)



House of Representatives (District 2) | Annie Kuster (D)

Senate | Maggie Hassan (D)

Senate | Jeanne Shaheen (D)

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