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Linda Tanner

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Linda Tanner

District 5

-Retired teacher-coach Kearsarge Reg. HS 35 years

-Retired Adjunct Professor Colby-Sawyer College

-Sunapee Advisory Budget Committee-Town/School

-Four term State Representative-Education Committee

-Sullivan County Delegation Executive Finance -vice chair

 While serving as a State Representative, my legislation has covered a variety of topics, local issues like preserving our natural resources and lakes and  constituent requests on planning board and election issues.  MY main focus has been education.  I have worked for non discrimination laws, safety and background checks and  requiring more accountability and oversight in all educational choices. I have worked to assure that where our tax dollars are spent, public accountability , transparency, and full access follows.


In Concord I will work for you:

Reproductive Rights: to make sure NH protects reproductive rights, contraception, and access to healthcare. It is not the legislature’s place to decide for someone else whether or when they should become a parent or to take away women's rights to reproductive care.

Energy: to keep energy costs reasonable while moving towards clean energy to protect our environment by investing in energy efficiency programs, renewable energy resources and supporting the move towards electric vehicles.

Education: to hold the State to its constitutional responsibility to provide well-funded, quality education for the 160,000 students in our Public Education system.  I will continue to work to improve building safety and the background check for all those who work with children. We must solve the education funding issue and revisit the State's funding of education by focusing on student needs and  academic outcomes.  I will work to increase state building aid to aid those communities with unsafe or inadequate buildings. School vouchers must be controlled as the price spins out of control with little accountability both academically and fiscally.

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