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Kathleen Eames


Kathleen Eames

for Register of Probate

Sullivan County

I am running for Register of Probate for Sullivan County.
However, the Register of Probate position will be on the ballot in New Hampshire’s General Election on November 8, 2022, as a legislative referred constitutional amendment (New Hampshire Abolish Office of Register of Probate). If approved by\ voting YES, the amendment would eliminate the office of Register of Probate and remove it from the state constitution, effectively removing the Register of Probate
position. If denied by voting NO, then ways and means should to be researched to make this position viable and more productive.

If this amendment is denied and if I am elected, I would meet with probate clerks, state representatives, state senators and the Attorney General for their input and follow
the guidelines of the New Hampshire constitution and legislative process to determine if expanding the duties of the Register of Probate would be beneficial. The Register of
Probate is part of the New Hampshire Circuit Court Probate Division that handles issues such as guardianship, involuntary commitment, adoption, name changes,
partition of real estate, simple wills, trusts and estates. Currently, this two year position, paying $100 a year, provides limited assistance and functions primarily to
preserve files that have the potential for historical significance. As it stands now, the Register of Probate office does not provide a functional support system that benefits
New Hampshire residents since its overhaul in 2011when the bulk of the probate duties were shifted over to the county probate clerks. 

I have been a New Hampshire resident residing in Charlestown since 1975. In 2004, I joined the Charlestown Democrats, a group dedicated to promoting Democratic values and candidates who support these values. In 2005, I was elected as Secretary of Charlestown Democrats and in 2015, I was elected as the group’s Chair, then to Vice-Chair in 2021. I actively work with Sullivan County Democrats
promoting candidates on the local and county level and attended State Conventions as Delegate-at-large promoting State and Federal candidates and New Hampshire’s
legislative goals. From 1975 to 1985, I was co-owner of a business that employed up to 200 employees, working two shifts. From 1985 to 1992 I worked in real estate and
became familiar with the functions of the Registry of Probate as it existed at that time. In 1992, I returned to my prior career from 1970, Social Services, providing services to
Veterans, the Disabled, then for the elderly before retiring in 2020. I bring a broad range of experience to the political table and find immense satisfaction in achieving worthwhile goals working with others in a productive environment.

Kathleen Eames, Vice Chair
Charlestown Democrats

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