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John Streeter




I am running for the newly redistricted District 3 which includes Charlestown, Unity, and Newport. While my district and New Hampshire overall have so many positive attributes going for it, I have long considered that it’s been moving in the wrong directions. If elected to Concord I will work to put us back on course.

My slogan this cycle is “Defending Democracy” and I have never meant it more. Many people do not know that unlike in most of the country where a Secretary of State is elected by the people, in NH they are elected by the House of
Representatives. If elected I will do my level best to make sure that we have a Secretary of State who believes in free and fair elections and will start the process of modernizing the office.

I will also work to make sure that we get government out of women’s medical choices. New Hampshire needs to codify a response against the Supreme Courts Dobbs decision. Abortions, while currently legal, are not protected in NH, and in act have restrictions put in place during the last session. I fear even more restrictions are coming if we don’t turn the tide.

On education, while always a concern of mine is now third on this list as other major issues move to the forefront. We still are not funding education as constitutionally mandated; we are still bankrupting folks on fixed incomes with an unfair tax burden to fund education. We still cannot keep up with national scores from states that DO fund education appropriately. This last session has attacks on a teacher’s ability to teach about racism and sexism. And, we now have your hard-earned money subsidizing private and religious schools while choking even harder our own public schools.

Even more devastating than the cost of taxation, is the cost of energy now in NH. If elected, I will work to not only lower costs for energy in NH, but also work to make it cleaner and more sustainable. Energy does not have to be “cheap AND

None of my opponents are evil people and have done some good in their own right. We all live in this community and on some level we all believe that we are doing right by the folks that we serve. I have served Charlestown on the
schoolboard and selectboard. I do have an understanding on how state government impacts the municipal governments and in turn the citizenry. If you too are concerned about how the last session has left us worse off and not better, then I would appreciate your vote on November 8.

While I endeavor to knock every door in my district, don’t feel like you must wait. My contact information is below, and I look forward to hearing from each and every voter considering me in November.

Thank you,
John Streeter

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