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Hope Damon for State Representative

District 8

I’m running for state rep, Sullivan District 8, the towns of Acworth, Claremont, Croydon, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, Springfield, Sunapee and Washington. I’ve lived in Croydon with my husband George Chait for 36 years.

I was a leader this spring in the We Stand Up For Croydon Students campaign to restore our school budget after it was cut by 53%. This nonpartisan, collaborative community effort resulted in a 377-2 vote to fully fund our school system. I am deeply concerned by the efforts of
the Free State Movement to oppose public education. When elected, I will work vigorously to improve state funding of public education and to support quality schools. Legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana is one untapped source of education funding.

The overturn of Roe v Wade makes it clear that states are in charge of women’s rights. I will initiate and support all legislation to codify reproductive rights into state law and to protect other freedoms that are threatened by the loss of privacy.

The need for cheaper, cleaner energy is clear. I will advocate for municipal solar power, electric charging stations and increasing public transit options. Even in our rural communities, these are important approaches to protecting our environment. We must also address the issue of corporate profits rising while ordinary people can’t afford gas and heating fuels.

I have been a self-employed dietitian and diabetes educator in private practice for most of my career. My listening, motivational interviewing and negotiation skills will be useful in Concord! Other experiences that contribute to my capabilities:
 Founding board member of Cinnamon St Child Care Center
 Current board member & grants committee co-chair of NH Women’s Foundation
 Past-president and recognized dietitian of NH Dietetic Association
 Cancer survivor, Prouty cyclist, advocate for bringing federal cancer research $ to NH
 I am a leader, a middle child, an optimist, highly energetic and very hard working
Please reach out to me to learn more and to support my campaign.

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