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How to Get Involved


You can make your voice heard by joining your local Democratic party. The New Hampshire Democratic Party operates at a state, county, and town basis and you can be involved at all three levels. The commitment is what you make of it—as relaxed or as intensive as you would like it.


Our work is not possible without contributions from supporters like you. Your donation helps to elect local Democrats to office, publish and distribute infographics, and assist Get Out the Vote efforts. You can make a donation via check out to Sullivan County Democrats or you can donate below.


Attending town and county meetings is the most organic form of democracy, and these meetings are completely accessible to anyone who lives within the town/county. These meetings allow residents to debate and discuss policy and practices that directly impact their lives. Town meetings topics range from
discussions about the school to zoning issues to conservation commissions. The input that citizens give in these meetings impacts the direction of the town and future policy.

Town meetings are an amazing opportunity to get involved. To learn more about them, check out this link that gives an in-depth explanation about their importance.


The root “demos” is derived from Ancient Greek, meaning “populace” or “the people”. YOU are the most important part of democracy! Make sure your friends are registered to vote—and your family, your neighbors, your co-workers. Drive people to go vote. Make calls to registered voters to encourage them to vote. Make a personal plan to vote. Post informative graphics on social media to give clarity to your followers and friends. Put up lawn signs supporting national and local candidates. Make sure working families can vote by organizing a vote-care system.

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