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Charlene Lovett


Charlene Lovett

State Senate District 8

Charlene Lovett is a 22-year Army veteran and the former Mayor of Claremont - a City "on the rise." As a former school board member, state representative, city councilor, Mayor, and military veteran, Charlene has served at all levels of government and is ready to put her experience and skills to work in the New Hampshire Senate. She believes that the purpose of government is to create an environment of safety and security while providing equitable opportunity for all so that all people can reach their fullest potential. In addition to protecting reproductive rights, which was a major reason for Charlene's decision to run for state senate, her campaign is focused on three "Essentials": the Economy, Public Education, and the Environment with a focus on renewable energy. 

Under her leadership, the City of Claremont became a leader in the state on childhood lead poisoning prevention, received awards for renewable energy investments and energy-efficiency initiatives, advocated successfully for public education funding, and invested millions of dollars into infrastructure improvements that attracted developers to Claremont, resulting in the conversion of abandoned mill buildings into affordable and market-rate housing. She knows that these successes are not the result of one person but rather the result of partnerships and collaboration. Charlene is mission-driven and always uses the same approach to solving problems: 1) identify the problem, 2) conduct research and gather facts, 3) bring together all of the stakeholders, 4) agree on a set of common goals and objectives, and 5) get the job done. From tackling the affordable housing crisis to resolving public education funding, lowering healthcare costs, harnessing the power of clean energy technology, and more, Charlene will bring this approach to the New Hampshire Senate.

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